Had another great weekend at Rockport Marina, brought my sup along with me to listen to the band although I decided to leave it on the car and grab one the rental boards. After lounging for a bit talking with the staff and making sure Summer got her wave runners going I decided to head down to the beach and grab a sup rental. Headed into the wind and crossed the reservoir to the beaches on the other side where I met up with a couple other paddlers who were sticking close to shore, then decided to return to the nice sand beaches near the Rockport marina. On my way back I was stopped by a ranger boat to make sure I had a life jacket with me, I had my new MTI fluid 2.0 on and ready to go so life was good. A short time later had his partner come out and check the life jacket out, looks like I made a sale out their on the water.

Once back where I started I noticed a few other paddlers were cruising next to shore, two regulars who seem to be their every week turns out they do a sup rental every weekend and another lady who had her own board. We talked for a bit and the conversation turned back to life jackets and why I would go so far out with one. I have to admit I normally don’t wear a life jacket but just toss it on the board, how ever with the new fluid life jackets I have been wearing one. The lady’s and I then set off to cross the reservoir again we talked about sup, what places they liked and what places they didn’t. The one with her own board had been going to Pineview although has since made Rockport her home due to the nice beaches and the lake not being over crowded with boaters. Mentioned that in the near future will have a new sup to show folks and that will have a RAM mount system for those who want to fish or just have awesome mounts for phones and camera etc.

The band was great, were fun and personable and interacted with the audience and when it was time to take a burger break they mingled. Made it feel like a friends bbq more than any thing, honestly can not go wrong coming up to Rockport to listen to the music and spend some time on the water. Bring your own board or do a sup rental from Utah Surf Rentals.

SUp Rental

Utah Surf Rentals

Rockport Resevoir

New paddler enjoying the sun with Utah Surf Rentals at Rockport

Utah Surf Rentals at Rockport

Epic weather at Rockport come enjoy a SUP Rental with Utah Surf Rentals.

Utah Surf Rentals, SUP Rentals for fun and sun.

Warm Weather, Sun and Friends with Utah Surf Rentals.

Rockport Menu

The Days Menu

Burgers on the Rockport Marina Grill

Burgers on the Grill

Utah Surf Rentals.

Fun, Food and Sup what more could you want?

SUP Rental, Music and fun with Utah Surf Rentals.

Mr. Leroy Stedman at Rockport Marina

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Last Modified: August 23, 2015