The TG-860s design is typical for rugged compacts. It places its lens in the top corner rather than the center of the body, and because it’s waterproof the lens itself doesn’t extend at all from the body. It measures 2.5 by 4.4 by 1.1 inches and weighs 7.9 ounces; that’s typical for the class as well. My first impression with the camera are positive for the most part. I am not a fan of the charging system on the camera although will play with it more in the near future. I do not seem to have a cable with me that will fit the camera and I left the cord the camera came with at the office.

The wifi was fairly simple to set up, it went smoother on the iPhone 6 than it did on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and did not work at all on the Nokia 830 windows phone. I had planned on testing the camera out this week while paddling with Kristine and Allison unfortunately the Out Door Retailer show and the weather made the plans change. So I tested the camera out today in the pool. The camera it’s self does not float so if you are bringing this with you be sure to get the optional float strap. With the float strap the camera floated just below the surface with the float strap sticking up out of the water easy to grab.

The camera was easy to use and with the large lcd screen it is easy to get the shot you want. The screen also rotates so you can take great selfies are can be controlled by a smart phone. Once out of the pool Seamus wanted to check the camera out to see if it met his seal of approval the camera is Seamus approved! I was able to pull the photos off the phone by using the phones wifi and simply exporting them to phone, the whole process was quick and easy. I would definantly recommend this camera for any one wanting an easy to use solid camera for SUP or any outdoor activity. Make sure to get the float strap.

Olympus TG-860 and the Float Strap the reviews on the orange strap are not great although the green is pure positive. Will keep an eye out on the strap and keep everyone posted. If any one is interested in a more technical review or has questions on the Olympus TG-860 let me know. Can do nerdy tech if wanted.


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Last Modified: August 9, 2015