I am excited to be testing the MTI Fluid 2.0 after having researched other brands this self inflating pfd seems to be the winner. I have not had a chance to get this jacket out on the water to test while paddling although I decided to start a review from having worm the device and swam with it. The device is easy to wear and fits securely, it was comfortable to wear and caused no issues while walking around with it.

I decided to hop in the pool with it and see how it felt while swimming, going off the diving board gave no issues, no dives or anything just dropping in to give it some resistance like in a fall. The belt was easy to turn around and get in front of me to simulate needing to deploy it. I have not yet deployed the jacket as I need to pick up a replacement co2 cartridge.

Arming the jacket is simple and straight forward, one of the concerns I had was how long can you keep it armed and is the cartridge wasted if you need to remove it. The good news is after talking with MTI at the 2015 Outdoor retailer show it turns out you can leave it armed for years, and if you prefer once it is armed you can actually remove the cartridge and not waste the cylinder. The cylinder is not actually punctured until you pull the cord to deploy it. MTI is also coming out with a smaller profile pfd for 2016. So far the jacket seems great and the company was extremely helpful. Had I been thinking I would have picked up a jacket from Seamus so we could go test together. That will be my next goal an under dog preserver and then a Helios 2.0. Depending on the weather two of us will be paddling in the MTI Fluid 2.o keep watching for an updated review. We are also excited that this may be the next life jacket company we endorse and pick up to sell,

MTI Website is here.

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Last Modified: August 11, 2015