If you are a rock climber and looking to keep your skills sharp or are just starting out and want to be in a fun and safe environment then I would highly recommend Momentum Climbing’s Millcreek  location. I cant speak for the rest of them although if they are anything like the Millcreek Location then you are set for a great time.

The draw back for me when it comes to climbing is I am short and not very flexible at this time although this is rapidly changing thanks to my interest in climbing. Well, not the short part. The staff has been awesome at elping with the climbs and introducing other climbers so that the experience is more social and entertaining. And if you do not have your own gear they have everything you need to rent. Even shoes that will fit my small of a foot, I have my old pair of climbing shoes from nearly a decade ago and end up renting the shoes, it is time for me to find a new pair!

The best part is that the facility has a place where you can bring children making it a truly amazing family experience. As the season goes on check back for some of my favorite out door locations and the brand of shoe I wound up going with and why.

Thank you to Momentum Climbing! The Millcreek location info is:

3173 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109
Phone: (801) 203-0754
Fax: (801) 924-3774

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Last Modified: May 29, 2016